A fine spray of crystals will remove the upper layers of dead skin cells. It is beneficial for the management of acne, fine lines and age spots. It leaves the skin softer to the eye and smoother to the touch.

Number of Sessions Price Book
 1  $110  book now
 3  $295  book now
 6  $495  book now
 10  $695  book now
Permanent Makeup

Lovely red lips, perfectly shaped eyebrows, and flattering eyeliner. Permanent makeup holds the promise you’ll work all day, go to the gym, dance all night, and wake up in the morning with makeup in place.

EYEBROWS $300  book now
FULL LIPS $500  book now
LIPLINER $250  book now
EYELINER TOP $400  book now
EYELINER BOTTOM $250  book now
EYELINER TOP & BOTTOM $600  book now

European Facials

European Facial: Relax in the luxury of the deep pore cleansing with warm steam followed by exfoliation to remove the dead skin cells. An invigorating face and shoulder massage to relieve stress and tension and to firm and tone the skin followed by a personalized masque and hydration to moisturize the skin.

1 Facial $125  book now
3 Facials $295  book now
Customized Facials

O2 Lift Facial: Treat your skin to this luxury facial, including appropriate enzyme and vitaminized oxygen spray. The infusion of oxygen and vitamis exchange the growth of the new cells as well as collagen.

Needle Free Meso-Therapy Facial: A sequence of specialized electrical currents and low temperatures are used to carry hyaluronic, vitamins, peptides and antioxidants into the tissue. Repair and restore the appearance of the face, help the skin look tight and toned.
Restore the appearance of fine lines, enhance skin's ability to retain and hold moisture and become more vibrant and healthier.

Ultra sound facial: ultrasound waves go deep into the skin, this promotes collagen production and improves elasticity.


$155 book now

Men's Facial

An invigorating men’s facial that includes cleansing, toning, facial/neck massage and a hydrating masque to combat our weather. The facials for men are designed to relax and refresh our gentlemen clients.

Sessions Price Book
1 Men's Facial $125  book now
3 Men's Facials $310  book now
Acne Facial

Customized treatments given at the centre improve skin texture and helps to dry up active acne. Using recommended daily home products is necessary to achieve the best results. Your aesthetician will inform you on the most beneficial treatments for acne and your particular skin type.

Sessions Price Book
1 Acne Facial $125  book now
3 Acne Facials $295  book now
Facial Masques
Rich Protein
Cream Masque
Pore-Tightening Yogurt
Souffle Masque
Extra Acne Garden
Booster Masque
Lemon Fresh Pigment
Removal Masque
Seaweed Instant Lift Masque $25
DNA Replacement Therapy

The latest innovation in facial treatments, DNA Facial Replacement Therapy stimulates collagen production and restores elasticity to rejuvenate your delicate facial skin. In combination with our patented LED, which lightens the dark pigmentation of aging, years will vanish off your appearance in a single afternoon!

$225  book now


Facial Peels

Chemical Exfoliation Peel

Get rid of your melasma and hyper-pigmentation with Chemical Exfoliation Peel.

$350  book now

Glycolic Peel

Peel Your Wrinkles Away With A Chemical Peel.

$70  book now

H2T Pumpkin Peel (Masque)

Illuminate your face with a results driven H2T Pumpkin Peel, contains powerful enzymes that act like alpha hydroxy acids to rid the skin of dull dry cells.

$50   book now

Brightening Peel

This treatment can lighten brown spots and other discolorations. With regular clinical and home care, you will experience results and your skin will look healthier. Recommended home products are applied to the face daily and six clinic treatments are recommended. Ideal for hypersensitive skin types.

$50  book now

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Includes a mini non-surgical eye lift treatment. This treatment will aid in reducing pore size, help with occasional breakouts, and work on reducing the oil deposits in the follicles. For maximum results, one treatment each week for nine consecutive weeks in recommended. This treatment is not recommended for clients with claustrophobia because of the amounts of tightening and firming to the skin during the treatment

$250  book now

Package of 6: $595 Book Here: book now

Body & Facial Waxing

book now

Full Leg Wax $65
Full Leg with Bikini Wax $95
Bikini Wax $40
Brazilian Waxing $55
Full Leg Brazilian $115
Half Leg Brazilian $95
Lower l /2 Leg $45
Upper 1/2 Leg $45
Upper leg/Bikini Waxing $80
Full Arm Waxing $55
1/2 Arm $35
Underarm $20
Eyebrows Waxing $25
Lip Waxing $10
Chin Waxing $10
Face (sides of face) $25
Full Face Waxing $65
Lash Extention $185
Men's Waxing

book now

Cellulite Treatment

The non-surgical fat removal treatment may remove up to an 1/8 to a 1/4 of an inch in the treatment area – far less than what can be achieved with standard liposuction.  However, there is no pain, no bruising, no bleeding, no risk of infection or burn and you can return once a week for more treatments.


10 Sessions $550  book now

1 Session $95  book now

Teeth Whitening

The procedure is safe AND fast. First, a special gel is placed on teeth. A laser then activates the gel, enabling it to penetrate the teeth and break up those disgusting stains. We know what you’re thinking, but RELAX: the laser treatment involves no sensitivity, no “gagging,” no heat and, in most cases, one treatment is all that is required.

1 Session $99  book now
3 Sessions $250  book now